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Flora of the Henry Agaard Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center  

This is a searchable database of the flora of the Henry Agaard Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), Beltsville, Maryland, prepared by E.E. Terrell, J.L. Reveal, R.W. Spjut, R.F. Whitcomb, J.H. Kirkbride, Jr., M.T. Cimino, M.T. Strong, and D.F. Farr. It includes the scientific and common names of the native and naturalized plants known to occur there. For each taxon, in addition to its scientific and common names, its habitats and frequency on BARC are supplied. Taxon links are provided for further regional, national, and international information and illustrations. There are: 13 lichens; 71 mosses; 24 ferns and fern allies; 7 gymnosperms; and 791 angiosperms (531 dicots and 260 monocots). Also included are 32 angiosperm species planted in experimental meadows.

Map of Maryland showing location of BARC
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Page last updated 25 August 2003