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Interactive Keys

The following sites provide interactive keys, images, descriptions, distributions, literature and nomenclature.

Hypocreales of the Southeastern United States

This is an illustrated guide to the mmbers of the ascomycete order Hypocreales that are known to occur in the southeastern states of the United States, including North and South Carolina, Tennessee and the Georgia. Short descriptions and color illustrations of ninety-eight species and two varieties in nineteen genera are included.


The taxa in Hypomyces are microscopic fungi generally found on the fruiting bodies of other fungi. This site presents descriptions and over 500 images for the 30 species of Hypomyces that represent a majority of the Hypomyces found in temperate regions.

Legume Rusts

With the discovery of Asian soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) in the United States, interest in rust fungi on plants in the Fabaceae (legumes) has increased, especially about species that might be confused with soybean rust. This site covers the rust species on common leguminous plants most likely to be encountered when surveying for soybean rust in the United States. Included here are rust fungi that occur both inside and near the U.S. borders.


This site covers all known species in the genus Ravenelia. Species of Ravenelia are found worldwide predominantly parasitizing members of the Fabaceae (legumes) in all three subfamilies, Caesalpinioideae, Faboideae and Mimosoideae. The key is based primarily on host and distribution of genus and species, as well as morphology of telia and teliospores and anamorph sori and spores.


Species of Tilletia infect wild grasses and cereal crops and either completely or partially replace seeds with teliospores. A few species will also infect leaves and stems of grasses. This site provides a key for the identification of species of Tilletia known to occur in the United States with images, host records, and morphological descriptions.


The taxa in Trichoderma are microscopic conidial producing fungi especially common in soil. Many are associated with the ascospore producing genus Hypocrea which is generally found on woody substrates. This site covers the species of Trichoderma that represent a majority of the taxa found in temperate regions. The key also includes species of Hypocrea that have unnamed Trichoderma stages.

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