Phytophthora alni Brasier & S.A. Kirk 2004 (Oomycetes, Pythiales)

Notes: Reclassified as Phytophthora x alni (Brasier & S.A. Kirk) Husson, Ioos & Marcais (2015). Brasier et al. (2004) discuss nomenclatural issues associated with hybrids.

Distribution: Europe.

Substrate: Roots, collars.

Disease Note: Aggressive root and collar rot of riparian, nursery and shelterbelt alders.

Host: Alnus spp. (Betulaceae).

Supporting Literature:

Brasier, C.M., Kirk, S.A., Delcan, J., Cooke, D.E.L., and Jung, T. 2004. Phytophthora alni sp. nov. and its variants: designation of emerging heteroploid hybrid pathogens spreading on Alnus trees. Mycol. Res. 108: 1172-1184.

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Husson, C., Aguayo, J., Revellin, C., Frey, P., Ioos, R., and Marcais, B. 2015. Evidence for homoploid speciation in Phytophthora alni supports taxonomic reclassification in this species complex. Fungal Genet. Biol. 77: 12-21.

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