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This data has been extracted from databases maintained by the
U.S. National Fungus Collections.
Synonyms listed in the nomenclature report are used in the searches.

This report contains data from the following databases: Nomenclature, Specimens, Fungus-Host, Literature

Mar 06, 2021

Nomenclature data for Grosmannia clavigera

Grosmannia clavigera (Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Wingfield) Zipfel, Z.W. de Beer & M.J. Wingf. 2006 (Ascomycetes, Ophiostomatales)

≡ Europhium clavigerum Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Davidson 1968

≡Ceratocystis clavigera (Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Davidson) H.P. Upadhyay 1981

≡Graphiocladiella clavigera (Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Davidson) H.P. Upadhyay 1981  Note: as 'clavigerum'. Not available for anamorph exclusively. No type indicated.

≡Leptographium clavigerum (Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Davidson) T.C. Harr., Six & McNew 2003  Note: Not available for anamorph exclusively.

≡Ophiostoma clavigerum (Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Davidson) T.C. Harrington 1987

≡Pesotum clavigerum (Rob.-Jeffr. & R.W. Davidson) G. Okada & Seifert 1999  Note: Not available for anamorph exclusively.

Notes: Anamorph pesotum-like.

Distribution: Western North America.

Substrate: Wood.

Disease Note: Blue stain.

Host: Pinus spp. (Pinaceae).

Supporting Literature:

Seifert K.A., De Beer, Z.W., and Wingfield, M.J. 2013. A nomenclator for ophiostomatoid genera and species in the Ophiostomatales and Microascales. CBS Biodivers. Ser., 245-322 pages. in Seifert, K.A., Beer, Z.W. De, and M.J. Wingfield. Ophiostomatoid fungi: Expanding frontiers. CBS Biodivers. Ser.. 337 pg.

Upadhyay, H.P. 1981. A monograph of Ceratocystis and Ceratocystiopsis. University of Georgia Press, Athens, 176 pages.

Zipfel, R.D., de Beer, W., Jacobs, K., Wingfield, B.D., and Wingfield, M.J. 2006. Multi-gene phylogenies define Ceratocystiopsis and Grosmannia distinct from Ophiostoma. Stud. Mycol. 55: 75-97.

Updated on Aug 12, 2014

The Fungus-Host Distributions database has 17 records for Grosmannia clavigera.

Ceratocystis clavigera:

Pinus ponderosa (On inner bark or wood.): Colorado - 3368,

Europhium clavigerum:

Pinus contorta (Blue stain of wood.): Oregon - 44,Washington - 44,Wyoming - 3391,

Pinus contorta var. contorta Canada - 8376,

Pinus contorta var. latifolia Canada - 8376,

Pinus monticola (Blue stain of wood.) Oregon - 3391,Washington - 3391,

Pinus ponderosa (Blue stain of wood.) Canada - 8376,Colorado - 3391,

Grosmannia clavigera:

Pinus contorta: Canada - 44571,

Pinus ponderosae Canada - 44571,

Ophiostoma clavigerum:

Dendroctonus jeffreyi: California - 32564,

Dendroctonus ponderosa Canada, British Columbia - 40911,

Pinus contorta Canada, Alberta - 6636,Wyoming - 6636,

Pinus ponderosa California - 6636,

The Literature database has 13 records for Grosmannia clavigera.

Ginns, J.H. 1986. Compendium of plant disease and decay fungi in Canada 1960-1980. Res. Br. Can. Agric. Publ. 1813: 416. (8376)

Khadempour, L., Massoumi Alamouti, S., Hamelin, R., Bohlmann, J., and Breuil, C. 2010. Target-specific PCR primers can detect and differentiate ophiostomatoid fungi from microbial communities associated with the mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae. Fung. Biol. 114: 825-833. (44571)

Lee, S , Kim, J.-J, Fung, S., and Breuil, C. 2003. A PCR-RFLP marker distinguishing Ophiostoma clavigerum from morphologically similar Leptographium species associated with bark beetles. Canad. J. Bot. 81: 1104-1112. (38435)

Lee, S. , Kim, J.-J., and Breuil, C. 2006. Diversity of fungi associated with the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae and infested lodgepole pines in British Columbia. Fung. Diversity 22: 91-105. (40911)

Okada, G., Seifert, K.A., Takematsu, A., Yamaoka, Y., Miyazaki, S., and Tubaki, K. 1998. A molecular phylogenetic reappraisal of the Graphium complex based on 18S rDNA sequences. Canad. J. Bot. 76: 1495-1506. (33667)

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Six, D.L., Harrington, T.C., Steimel, J. , Mcnew, D. , and Paine, T.D. 2003. Genetic relationships among Leptographium terebrantis and the mycangial fungi of three western Dendroctonus bark beetles. Mycologia 95: 781-792. (38440)

Six, D.L., and Paine, T.D. 1997. Ophiostoma clavigerum is the mycangial fungus of the Jeffrey pine beetle, Dendroctonus jeffreyi. Mycologia 89: 858-866. (32564)

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Zambino, P.J., and Harrington, T.C. 1992. Correspondence of isozyme characterization with morphology in the asexual genus Leptographium and taxonomic implications. Mycologia 84: 12-25. (6636)

The Specimens database has 3 records for Grosmannia clavigera.

Europhium clavigerum

Dendroctonus ponderosa - BPI 689119

Pinus ponderosa - BPI 689118

Substrate Undetermined - BPI 689139

U.S. National Fungus Collections. March 06, 2021

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

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