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This data has been extracted from databases maintained by the
U.S. National Fungus Collections.
Synonyms listed in the nomenclature report are used in the searches.

This report contains data from the following databases: Nomenclature, Specimens, Fungus-Host, Literature

Dec 03, 2021

Nomenclature data for Cryphonectria macrospora

Cryphonectria macrospora (Kobayashi & Kaz. Itô) M.E. Barr 1978 (Ascomycetes, Diaporthales)

≡ Endothia macrospora Kobayashi & Kaz. Itô 1956

≡Endothiella macrospora (Kobayashi & Kaz. Itô) Tak. Kobay. 1970  Note: Since the requirements for the introduction of a new anamorph species name were not met (no Latin diagnosis of conidial state), according to ICBN Art. 59.6, this name has to be treated as a new combination based on a teleomorph including type and diagnosis.

Notes: This fungus is only known from one host and locality. Other records represent other fungi.

Distribution: Asia (Japan).

Host: Castanopsis cuspidata var. sieboldii (Fagaceae).

Supporting Literature:

Gryzenhout, M. , Wingfield, B.D., and Wingfield, M.J. 2009. Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Ecology of Bark-Inhabiting and Tree-Pathogenic Fungi in the Cryphonectriaceae. APS Press, St. Paul, Minnesota, 119 pages.

Updated on Jul 06, 2009

The Fungus-Host Distributions database has 25 records for Cryphonectria macrospora.

Cryphonectria macrospora:

Castanopsis cuspidata: Japan - 36907, 37861, 40504, 40818, 40868, 42066, 47040, 51408, 51824, 52283, 52920, 53088,

Castanopsis cuspidata var. sieboldii Japan - 43508, 44259,

Quercus mongolica Russia - 37497, 40706, 42168, 51587, 51828, 52976,

Quercus salicina Japan - 42066, 44259,

Quercus sp. Japan - 42066,

Shiia sieboldi Japan - 39397,

Endothia macrospora:

Castanopsis cuspidata var. sieboldii: Japan - 7361,

The Literature database has 23 records for Cryphonectria macrospora.

Ali, D.B., Marincowitz, S., Wingfield, M.J., Roux, J., Crous, P.W., and McTaggart, A.R. 2018. Novel Cryphonectriaceae from La Reunion and South Africa, and their pathogenicity on Eucalyptus. Mycol. Progr. 17(8): 953-966. (52283)

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The Specimens database has 1 records for Cryphonectria macrospora.

Cryphonectria macrospora

Quercus mongolica - BPI 748428

U.S. National Fungus Collections. December 03, 2021

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