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General Tips
1. Enter data into the appropriate box to search for records you want to view.
2. In the search fields, any part or fragment of a term may be used.
3. All search terms may be typed in lower case.
4. When using more than one field for retrieving records, only records containing all the information you entered will be retrieved.
5. The term “species” actually refers to the “specific epithet” of the species

Entry Number - The unique number assigned to each database entry.
1. Any number from 1 to 38,498.

Nematode Genus & Species
1. Enter a genus and/or species name.
2. If you only enter a genus name then all of the species of that genus will be selected.
3. Any part of a genus and/or species name maybe entered. For example if praty is entered in the genus field, records will be retrieved for
, Pratylenchoides and Pratylenchus.

Host Genus & Species- The genus and species of the plants or insects associated with the nematode.
1. To account for the variations in botanical nomenclature, users are encouraged to use a broad spectrum of search terms.

City - The city in which the nematode was originally collected.
1. Enter any city in the world.

State or Province - The state or province in which the nematode was originally collected
1. Enter a state or province
2. To see all available options click states.

Country -The country in which the nematode was originally collected
1. For United States enter USA.
2. To see other available countries click countries.

Collector - The person who originally collected the specimen.
1. Enter the persons last name.

Collection - The name of the specific collection where the material is stored.
1. Enter Type to search for type specimens.
2. Search other collections by entering General, Thorne, Thorne South Dakota, Gates, or Record only.