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Diagnostic Fact Sheet for Puccinia hemerocallidis

Invasive and Emerging Fungal Pathogens - Diagnostic Fact Sheets

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Daylily Rust

Daylily rust has become prevalent in the Americas over the last two years, being previously found only in Asia. The purpose of this project was to determine if the rust in the Americas is the same or different from that in Asia

Puccinia hemerocallidis

Results: Teliospores and urediniospore sizes varied among specimens but statistical analyses indicated that there was no significant difference in size between the Asian and the American spores. Three synapomorphies (including one indel) were present in the ITS region that distinguished the two Asian specimens from the four American specimens. However the ITS variation within the American or Asian specimens was approximately equal to variation between the specimens from the two broad geographic areas. The rust introduced into the Americans is Puccinia hemerocallidis.

Materials and Methods: Numerous specimens from Costa Rica and the United States were examined morphologically and compared with specimens from China, Japan, Russia, and Taiwan, including the type specimen from Siberia. In addition, the ITS region of the ribosomal DNA was sequenced from six representative fresh specimens from the Americas and Asia.

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Suggested citation: Hernández, J.R. Systematic Mycology and Microbiology Laboratory, ARS, USDA. 13 November 2002. Invasive Fungi. Daylily Rust. Retrieved March 6, 2021, from /sbmlweb/fungi/index.cfm .

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Puccinia hemerocallidis - Heavily infected potted daylily plant with uredinia.
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Mature uredinial sori with numerous yellow urediniospores on abaxial leaf surface.
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Chlorotic leaf with few yellowish-brown, erumpent uredinia surrounded by a green halo.
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Surface  view of echinulate urediniospores.
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Median  view of urediniospores
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Dark, erumpent telia on chlorotic and necrotic leaf.
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Non-septate (mesospores) and one-septate teliospores.
Puccinia hemerocallidis - Mesospores,  common in American collections. Bar = 10 µm